“Honey, Do I Look Fat?” – FatBooth For Android Says “Yes!”

“Honey, Do I Look Fat?” – FatBooth For Android Says “Yes!”

Mar 18, 2011

Ever wonder what you would look like if you ate one-too-many cheesburgers? No? Me neither. Or maybe you already know the answer to that question and feel like punching the developers of this next app in the face.

Anyways — Shallow Hal’s evil twin brothers Pivi & Co have ported over their popular iOS app FatBooth. While I realize this app is for “entertainment” purposes only, I almost feel like an ass writing about it.

[Truth: Obesity is no laughing matter and can be considered an epidemic in the U.S. /publicserviceannouncement]

All seriousness aside, FatBooth uses photos taken from your device’s camera (or gallery) and transforms them into “Fat Bastard” clones (sorry, Austin Powers reference). The transformation is almost instant and will have you wishing you chose the salad instead of the bacon infused bacon with bacon on the side. FatBooth can be your motivation to hit the gym or you can use it to turn your contact list into an Eddie Murphy movie.

What about FatBooth’s features? That’s right — FatBooth has features:

  • Works with photos taken with your Android device camera or from your photo gallery
  • Auto-cropping using face detection
  • Transformation process is instant with no internet connection needed
  • Shake device to see before and after views
  • Scroll results into the app gallery
  • Save results to your photo gallery
  • Share with your friends via email, FaceBook or Twitter

There you have it folks, FatBooth for Android (and we complain about too many fart apps in Apple’s App Store). Available for free in the Android Market.

Download: FatBooth

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