Howard Stern Coming to Android In January

Howard Stern Coming to Android In January

Dec 16, 2010

[Update 12/22: Howard Stern channel has gone live and is ready for your enjoyment!]

For all you die-hard Howard Stern fans out there in Android world, you guys are going to appreciate this one. Howard recently signed a new 5-year contract with Sirius|XM which this time includes internet streaming and mobile. This is great news for fans and means that anyone with an Android device and a Sirius|XM subscription can now listen to Howard via the Sirius|XM Android app.

Howard has been an American radio personality for over 35 years and has left troves of shock waves and FCC fines throughout his career. Those restriction eventually led him to Sirius|XM, a venue which gave him freedom from the FCC and gave Sirius the boost they needed. The self proclaimed “King of Media” has since been responsible for millions of new subscribers and continues to carry a hefty following. With the mobile market rising at incredible rates it is only logical for Sirius and Howard to include such mediums to ensure future growth (and help pay for Howard’s contract).

When Sirius|XM first released their Android app I picked it up for the free trial and while I didn’t end up subscribing, I have to admit it was a great experience. I personally couldn’t justify adding another subscription into my budget but let me tell you, I would if I could. I enjoyed listening to the various broadcasts and taking them with me from my house, to my car, and so on. Sirius|XM offers a variety of unique content free from censorship and advertisements (well almost commercial free). Most of us (especially Android users) don’t like being force fed what other people believe is “right” for us and that’s why it’s great when we have services (or operating systems) that provide us with the freedom of choice without restrictions (are you carriers listening?). If you are a Sirius|XM subscriber or are interested in trying out the Sirius|XM app for Android, just follow the links below for more information.

Free for 7 days: Sirius|XM for Android

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  • Eric

    Now that i forked out $ 163 for a one year Sirius XM subscription, the App does not work and i can not seem to find anyone that will help me to fix the problem. It just keeps trying to load. But it will work with WI-FI. I CAN’T DRINK COFFEE ALL DAY AT STARBUCKS.Can anyone help with this?

  • What phone model, OS version and carrier are you using?