HTC One Google Edition Now Available from Google Play

HTC One Google Edition Now Available from Google Play

Jun 27, 2013

Google’s push to release more “Google Edition” phones continues with the HTC One now available on Google Play as a Google Edition device. This means that minimal manufacturer modifications have been applied – it’s all about the stock Android experience on this flagship device from HTC that has been praised as perhaps the top Android device available.

Of course, this comes at a steep price: $599 unsubsidized. While this can wind up saving money, with options like T-Mobile prepaid plans or MVNOs like Straight Talk available as opposed to more expensive post-paid plans, it’s still a high upfront cost for Google’s phones. Perhaps a partnership with a carrier like T-Mobile in the future may help increase the sales of these phones.

The HTC One on Google Play joins the Samsung Galaxy S4, along with the Nexus 4, as phones available from Google Play unlocked and with stock Android. Whether the Nexus line will continue remains to be seen.

Carter Dotson
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