Humble Mobile Bundle 2 for Android Includes Platform Debuts of Star Command and Time Surfer

The Humble Bundle returns to Android with the Humble Mobile Bundle 2. Unlike the Humble Bundles for Android, where the games generally come with PC versions along with the Android copies, this bundle focuses on mobile games exclusively. And the selection is rather interesting:

Star Command: This spaceship command game where players try to manage their ship and crew while trying to stay alive in the hostile reaches of space, with Martians as well, is somewhat notorious for being one of the first Kickstarter controversies. The game initially blew through its first Kickstarter budget quickly, trying to fulfill physical rewards and buying new equipment, running a second Kickstarter and eventually saying that the game felt like it was perhaps a fraction of what the original vision was. Well, with the game making its Android debut after its iOS launch earlier this year, now players can judge if it’s any good! This is the game’s Android debut prior to releasing on Google Play.


Time Surfer: Another game making its debut on Android in this bundle, Kumobius (known for Bean’s Quest) is a time-travelling take on Tiny Wings. Players try to ride the curves of a path in space, avoiding hazards and keeping up their speed so as to avoid the heat death of the universe. Thankfully, mistakes can be corrected via the ability ro reverse time, but it’s a limited ability, so it can’t correct all mistakes!


Punch Quest: Madgarden and Rocketcat Games’ endless puncher is part of this bundle as well, but in a slightly different form: the game has been tweaked to play without in-app purchases, so punchos are handed out more often and many items are cheaper.


Bloons TD 5: The popular tower defense series’ latest full entry is part of this bundle. It starts off as a fairly traditional tower defense game, sure. Just wait until later on when the action gets so heavy that the framerate dips until where single frames occur every other second. I say that in the best of ways – that’s how packed and intense the action can get!


Ravensword: Shadowlands: Crescent Moon Games’ open-world RPG built for mobile is available for those who pay above the average. Fans of the Elder Scrolls series would do well to check out this massive and visually-stunning adventure.


Carmageddon: The classic vehicular rampage racing game has been revived for mobile, and those who pay above the average can take part in the mayhem.


The bundle runs until Wednesday, October 9th. It’s quite possible that more games will be added in soon, so stay tuned: this bundle could be getting bigger!

Carter Dotson
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