Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Adds Three New Games, Including Desert Bus?!

Humble Mobile Bundle 3 Adds Three New Games, Including Desert Bus?!

Nov 28, 2013

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 has received its customary halfway point update with three new titles. Now, those who pay above the average will receive three additional titles:

Hundreds: Greg Wohlwend adds another game to the bundle! His collaboration with Semi Secret Software is a multitouch ‘puzzle’ game that’s one of the best of 2013. When I spoke with Adam Saltsman at GDC 2012 about it, I was endlessly fascinated by getting my hands on it. Try this one on a tablet with friends – it’s not explicitly a multiplayer game, but it’s not explicitly not, either.


Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor: This mysterious adventure from Tiger Style Games, creators of Waking Mars, just had a sequel announced. So why not play that haunting original too?

Desert Bus: Here’s something different. Desert Bus is taken from the unreleased Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors, and requires players to drive a bus from Reno to Tuscon at 45mph for 360mph. All in real time. And the bus occasionally veers right and needs to be towed back (in real time) if it goes off the road. Intense action, indeed!

But in all seriousness, the proceeds for this game go to charity, as Desert Bus for Hope plays the game continually each year to raise proceeds for Child’s Play, and their contributions to this bundle will go to that charity as well.

The Humble Mobile Bundle 3 runs until December 3rd.

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