Connected Reality Game Qurius Sheds Beta Status

Connected Reality Game Qurius Sheds Beta Status

Dec 18, 2016

Qurius, a new “connected reality” title from icejam, is an interesting game that has just come out of beta on Google Play.

The game is a 3D world-building game that taps into real-world weather to drive gameplay.

Once the weather is connected, the game becomes uniquely personalized for every single player, so if it’s snowing where the player lives; it’s snowing in the game. Throughout their journey, players collect characters and weather gems, and use them to rebuild the lost magical world of Qurius.

Furthermore, the sound, atmosphere, characters, flora, fauna and quests found in Qurius are all dynamically generated based on the player’s weather, day/night cycles and other data-drivenfactors; making every single game a uniquely, personalized experience for that particular player.

Stuart Duncan, icejam’s founder and chief is pleased with the game’s reception. “Two years ago we had the audacity to believe we could harness and integrate freely available streams of big data into gameplay. Today, that vision is a reality and we are extraordinarily pleased with the positive response from players across the globe,” he says. “But this is more than technology, this is a game full of loveable characters, beautiful landscapes and unique gameplay features that have come together in a fun way that players are enjoying, and that’s the real reason why we started this in the first place.”

Qurius is free (with in-app purchases) on Google Play. Check out the trailer:

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