Ingress Level 6 and Above Players Can Now Invite Others to Google’s Augmented Reality Game

Ingress Level 6 and Above Players Can Now Invite Others to Google’s Augmented Reality Game

Apr 1, 2013

For those of us completely immersed in Google/Niantic Lab’s augmented reality game Ingress, this will surely be good news.

In true Google style, entry into the closed beta has been tough, creating massive request threads and spawning art and limericks on Google+ that reportedly helped increase the odds of scoring invites from impressed Niantic Lab developers. It didn’t help that the beta selection process was not fully understood; I know someone who got three invites in his Hotmail, so the tried and true method of email bombing the Niantic request page probably wasn’t a surefire way to get in.

One of the most criticized aspects of the game — the inability to invite people to play — has been somewhat fixed. Starting today, players who have achieved Level 6 in either faction can invite one new player each to get into the game. So, if you have a bunch of 6, 7 or 8 players, your local faction can be impacted positively.

I think this is very timely. A lot of the folks who started playing last year are at higher levels, and in our playing community, a couple hit the top levels and retire. This keeps the big boys and girls involved with the game. It also allows for the more dedicated area factions to tip local portal ownership to their favor by doing meaningful recruitment of newbies.

It’s great to see the continued development and extension of the Ingress brand. A bunch of new e-books is about to be launched as well, and some recent tweaks to the app itself indicate that Google is putting in some work to get the game polished enough for real world adoption.

If you know someone who is at level 6 or higher, and have been hungering to get in, now is the time to do something sweet… like filing off bunions and such.

Trust me: it’ll be worth it. I think.

[via AndroidCentral and DecodeIngress]

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