Ingress Scanner gets a retrofit via update

Ingress Scanner gets a retrofit via update

Jul 6, 2017

Few games are as cool as Ingress. It’s little brother, Pokémon GO comes close, but Niantic’s first augmented reality thriller still holds a place in the hearts of geeks (like me) worldwide.

Now, agents will find their scanners — hosted on mobile devices — has been upgraded.

Directly from the changelog on Google Play:

The Ingress Scanner has been updated to version 1.120.2. The following changes have been detected:
– Recent information revealed the development of a dual variant Portal Mod: The ITO EN Transmuter (+)/(-), which may be capable of transforming the hack output of Portals. The Scanner has been retrofitted to support their discovery and use. Additional classified modifications to Scanner codebase.

Ingress remains free on Google Play.

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