Instagram for Android is Coming, Except It Really Isn’t

Instagram for Android is Coming, Except It Really Isn’t

Sep 1, 2011

Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom has announced that an Android version of their photo sharing service is “on the horizon” for Android. The app is very close to being real, as they don’t even have a team assembled to develop the app for Android. That is also sarcastic. This means that the app is about as far along in being a reality as my plans of moving out of Texas are. Sure, I have ideas and ways that it could possibly happen, but is anything actually happening toward that end beyond me wanting it? Not really. Same here with Instagram. If Instagram’s strength is its social networking and if Android users are actually a priority to the company, then why are we still waiting on an Android app. Perhaps I just don’t get the whole retro photo filter craze, and they really do need to take their time with making the app perfect. Of course, the problem for Instagram with waiting so long is that Facebook is making their own sort of photo filter feature, and Facebook is not a behemoth one wants to trail when entering a market. Their asymmetric following might be popular with iPhone users, but if Facebook beats them on Android, they could lose out on that market.

Of course, there’s the possibility that if they also keep waiting to make it, then the photo filter fad will pass, and soon Instagram will be irrelevant. After all, there’s a reason why taking faded and oddly-colored photos fell out of style, isn’t there? It’s funny that Kevin Systrom mentions the latest popular fad, Justin Bieber, because Instagram could certainly go the route of Mr. Bieber once he hits puberty. What goes around comes around, and if Instagram doesn’t jump on this, then perhaps we can all return to a time when we all just took normal-looking photographs.

Source: Techland

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  • ling

    can’t wait. i m jealous my friends that using Instagram !! Fast make one for Android users too !!!! :D