Introducing Fishalot, a new game from Playfiber

Introducing Fishalot, a new game from Playfiber

Jul 30, 2017

Indie studio Playfiber has just launched a new game called Fishalot on Google Play.

If the title makes you think about fishing, then it’s probably done its job; indeed, this one is a casual fishing game, but one which looks to emphasize the, well, enjoyable aspects.

For example, no waiting forever on fish to bite. Fishalot employs a tapping system instead of “true” casting, such that reaction is a bit more important at the onset. There are different types of fish, and a host of XP to earn, which leads to RPG elements. To get better catch, you have to improve and build upon your base equipment.

Easy to understand and get into.

The independently created trailer (below) highlights a fun-looking affair, and if we go by looks, it definitely looks a bit much like a game we’d love to have a go at it.

Fishalot is free to download and try, and also has in-app purchases to expedite stuff if needed.


[Google Play link]
[via game website]

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