KickStarter Spotlight: auris

KickStarter Spotlight: auris

Sep 12, 2012

It is truly a testament to the popularity of the iPod and iPhone that whole speaker bars were set up with Apple’s ubiquitious 30-pin connector as their central means of connectivity. With the rise of Android and the introduction of the new Lightning dock connector, these speakers and clocks are suddenly facing a swift extinction. But what if there was a way to not just recycle these expensive devices, but to improve on their functionality as well? As with most of the questions I ask in these blog posts, of course there is a way, and of course it comes from the neverending pool of ideas that is KickStarter.

The project is called auris, and its simplicty is only surpassed by its functionality. About the size of an iPod shuffle, auris has a 30-pin connector on the bottom and connects wirelessly to any Android or iOS device through Bluetooth. The auris plugs into any 30-pin connector dock and will wirelessly play any audio coming from the connected device. I mean any audio. One of the big selling points about auris is the abilty to stream any kind of audio directly to the device; delivering wirelesss, full room gaming sound. Another important feature is that now iOS devices that would usually be connected to the dock are free to be used for any purpose. Listen to that new Gaelic Storm album from an iPad over a powerful speaker while typing an iWork document at the same time.

For those who reguarally listen to their iPhones over a dock speaker, auris instantly grants a great deal of freedom as it allows the phone to finally be separated from the dock. Now moving into another room does not mean that calls and texts will be missed as the phone remains faithfully close all the time. For a limited time, the auris is on sale for a $24 donation at the KickStarter page and it will retail for just $40 after. So for those looking for a cheap way to go wireless and gain some freedom, invest in auris.

Joseph Bertolini
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