KickStarter Spotlight: The Catchall

KickStarter Spotlight: The Catchall

Dec 19, 2013

This week’s KickStarter Spotlight focuses on a small project; something that is awesomely cheap and might help the less organized like myself. Every night I leave my phone, wallet, keys, and other extraneous peripherals scattered across my apartment, and then frustratedly spend 15 minutes the next morning scrambling around trying to find a misplaced item. I have tried it all, bowls, nails in the wall, even a custom dock or two; no dice. My more frugal side asks the inevitable question; why would I buy something that I could easily either make my own, or simply grow some responsibility and remember to put my wallet on my desk at night. Two things will sway this small voice: a product that is visually interesting as well as inexpensive.

Viola, that very product is exactly what The Catchall is; a smartly-made bedside stand that is constructed of two interlocking, self-supporting piece of wood that have spaces set aside for glasses, keys, a charging phone, a wallet, pens, and a watch or bracelets. The whole “charging phone” aspect is probably the most crucial, however, without it this whole project would be entirely 1980’s and not worth it. A small slot is cut out in the bottom of the ledge that holds the phone and allows the phone to sit upright with the charger falling though the bottom. No finagling cords through a the back of a encapsulated stand that crimps the end of the cord, and it also frees the cord up to be used for something else other than just charging.


The construction is also very intriguing. Two pieces of high quality, all hardwood plywood connect to create a bottom edge and upper back that support themselves and serve as something that creates a good amount of visual interest. The whole thing is cheap to boot, the sanded, unsealed version is going for just $20, and with an extra $5 the whole assembly will be sealed with a clear coat giving a great light wood sheen. Personally, I ordered the unfinished option because I wanted to stain it myself, and I am actually fairly grateful I was given the option. So, as I said before, this week’s Spotlight shines on a small project, but one that is accessible to many because of the low price and nearly universal need. Please give The Catchall a look and consider helping deserving entrepreneurs and their incredible product.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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