Kickstarter Spotlight: Dog Sled Saga

Kickstarter Spotlight: Dog Sled Saga

May 1, 2013

Chicago’s bubbling-under indie scene has seen some Kickstarter success, and the latest project to come up from the Windy City is Dan FitzGerald and Lisa Bromiel’s Dog Sled Saga. This is a cross-platform arcade dog-mushing game. Ever play that before? Well, they’re looking to raise funding for the game’s development via Kickstarter to make this idea a reality.

The core gameplay involves tossing food to the team of four dogs to keep them at their peak performance in order to do well in the mushing competitions that are entered. It’s a simple control scheme to use, just tap and hold to control the angle the food will be launched at, but doing this effectively at a continuous rate will be the challenge.

DogSledSaga_catching-w-lots-of-treesManaging one’s team plays a big part in the game, and randomized elements that could have a big effect on how well one does will come into play. Raising and succeeding with a mushing team and one’s dogs will be the ultimate goal: becoming the top dog-sledding team ain’t easy, but nothing good ever comes easy.

The game is coming to Android – I’ve played an early version running on the developer’s phone – and could come to consoles like the OUYA at some point in the future. iOS, Windows, and Mac will definitely see the game released as well.

While the game has already reached its base level of funding that will allow the developers to create the game, there’s a lot more in the works for those who wish to continue to support the game’s development and to see more advanced features. The dynamic music stretch goal has already been met. Time of day and weather effects will be added in at the $8,000 level. Wildlife activity in scenery will be added at $11,000. A new gameplay mode at $12,000. $20,000 will see one-on-one multiplayer tournaments added to the game. $25,000 will see cross-platform cloud saves added with MusherNet.

Dog Sled Saga‘s Kickstarter runs through May 25th.

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  • moro

    This is going to be a really fun game. It’s only $5 on kickstarter to get a copy of the game, and the devs have come up with some pretty cool stretch goals!