KickStarter Spotlight: InstaCube

KickStarter Spotlight: InstaCube

Aug 22, 2012

Instagram is everywhere. No matter how much I, as a photography buff, want to deride and ignore its presence; Instagram is not going anywhere. While I may not choose to accept it, Instagram is a great success and is an application that has taken off like wildfire, quickly becoming one of the most popular ways to share snapshots on both the iPhone and Android. Because of its quick and easy way to make photo effects that would normally take a lot of effort from a real photographer readily available to anyone, Instagram is set to replace the point-and-shoot camera market. The biggest feature of Instagram is its ability to instantly upload any photo to Facebook or Twitter; making sure that every friend is immediately up to date with today’s proceedings. The problem of static photo frames has already been addressed by LCD photo displays but these are clunky and hard to update which then really does not fix the issue of the old, unchanging photo frame. Fortunately for all the Instagrammers of the world, an innovative KickStarter project is well on its way to rid of the world of monotonous, dated photo frames.

The project is called InstaCube, and as it probably readily apparent from its name; it streams photos directly from any user’s Instagram account and displays them on a large 6.5″ LCD touchscreen. Display those photos from the park yesterday or randomly check in on some friends, because what good are those photos if they are stuck on a tiny phone screen all the time. Probably the greatest element o InstaCube is its ability to stay away from being one dimensional by including full access to Instagram. Doing this allows for photo browsing, ‘liking’ of photos, and InstaCube will even display live photos of sunrises and sunsets from around the world.

Every photo that is taken by an InstaCube user in immediately pushed directly to the photo frame back home which makes for a constant supply of fresh photos of the ones that are loved the most. For any Instagram user InstaCube almost seems like just another natural step in the evolution of social media and photo sharing. And for just under $100 special price on KickStarter; there is not a better time to get in on the action than now.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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