KickStarter Spotlight: juiceBee

KickStarter Spotlight: juiceBee

Aug 1, 2013

One thing I have noticed about the KickStarter world is that it is littered with mobile charging solutions. Now this could be due to the fact that these are devices that could have a lot of facets and variations, but it is more likely centered around their simplicity and necessity. All that aside, however, the whole idea of having a mobile battery is not a bad one. My opinion is that they tend to be either too large or too much work to constantly keep charged. This is why this week I am bringing you a great KickStarter project called juiceBee which acknowledges these shortcomings and addresses them all head on.

So what is juiceBee? Well, obviously, it is a mobile battery that will charge a smartphone on-the-go. But, what is so different about juiceBee is that it is only one I have found that actually integrates the battery into a household charger. This means that it is intended to be that bedside charger at night as well as a companion during the day. The battery simply pops out of the 12V wall outlet and, voila, instant, fully charged mobile power. As with most KickStarter projects this is a stunningly simple solution to a very common problem.

The second issue with most similar products is the size, and coming in at a very svelte 3cm square by 9cm the juiceBee is incredibly portable and comfortably fits into a shirt pocket. Fortunately, its size does not mean a compromise on power. There is enough power inside this little guy to fully charge two iPhones via a typical 5V USB connection.

In conclusion, juiceBee is a very attractive, and convenient way to make sure that $600 phone is available even at the ends of long days. The sleek figure and innovative charging technique help set this project apart from the norm. With just more than a month to go this project is already nearly halfway funded which means that limited edition and discounted items are becoming scarce. This is a great product and I would wholeheartedly recommend jumping on it as soon as possible.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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