Kickstarter Spotlight: Proppa

Kickstarter Spotlight: Proppa

Mar 21, 2012

This week’s Kickstarter Spotlight focuses its attention onto a quirky little game from a college professor and a few ambitious students. The appropriately simple and phonetic name for this project is Proppa. The game revolves around helping a few wronged “Proppas” (surprise) in their quest to recapture their floating eggs. Seeing as this would not be a game without a challenge, standing in the way are legions of black, floating ghost snakes. The game is played in waves as more and more of these ghost snakes attack, some even taking the form of “dragon snakes” that seem to be the silhouette of an angler fish. The game takes place in three worlds so far, each with a different theme and with the hope of separate enemies in each world.

Initially the need for Kickstarter isn’t initially apparent as this project seems to be doing well enough on its own and has the backing of a university professor with years of experience working for established companies such as Midway. The problem is that most of the work is being done by students who are doing this as an unpaid internship, and there is no way for them to become paid because they are not actually working for a real company or startup. Their appeal to Kickstarter is not only for money to aid in development of the game but also to make this small club of people into a more legitimate company. Instead of offering these students a place where they can learn a trade for no pay and then search the market for a real paying job, this Kickstarter project, if funded, will allow this group to actually become these students’ first job right out of college. Instead of waiting to get their careers started, these students can start working right out of college in an environment they are already familiar with and begin earning valuable experience and a living.

So, I strongly encourage anyone to check out this Kickstarter project to help make Proppa and this project a reality both for these students and future game design students.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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