KickStarter Spotlight: PuzzLight

KickStarter Spotlight: PuzzLight

Feb 13, 2013

Seeing as I have been perusing KickStarter for about a year now with these KickStarter Spotlight posts I have noticed some definite trends in the frequency of certain kinds of projects. Maybe it is because these projects are cheap or simple, but whatever the reason, short of games, the most common phone software/hardware project revolves around adjustable lighting applications. These would be projects that offer some kind of custom lighting solution with a hardware component or lighting system that wirelessly connects to any smartphone. Usually, these involve lighting devices which change color according to inputs from an UI intensive app. I’m not saying that these projects are bad ideas, mood lighting is something that is vastly underrated and there are not many things more relaxing than chilling in a room lit up with a blue glow.

Because of the large quantity of these posts it is not hard to imaging that there are quite a few Spotlights on them, and today we will be taking a look at another worthy candidate; PuzzLight. PuzzLight is interesting in that it is just one big lamp that is made up of smaller, geometric pieces and comes with some assembly required. It is basically a do-it-yourself kit with a companion app. A gripe I have with this is that even with the fact that there are different assembly configurations, it seems quite effeminate because of the flower-like connectors. I understand that geometrically, these are the most efficient way to work things, but I have doubts about this product appealing to every demographic. There are ways to make the PuzzLight take a more masculine shape, and honestly, I would not mind having one of these perched in the corner of my room. The minimalist, aluminum base looks great and with the matte white shade panels this is clearly a product that will be an addition to any room.

Like all KickStarter projects, the PuzzLight cannot become a reality without confirmed funding from the masses of the internet. At time of writing, PuzzLight was only about 2% funded, but with a month remaining there is still plenty of time to gain some momentum. I highly recommend checking this great project out, especially for those who are looking to add a little mood lighting into their lives.

Joseph Bertolini
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