KickStarter Spotlight: Trellie

KickStarter Spotlight: Trellie

Jan 23, 2013

Easily, the most frustrating first world problems is when people do not answer their phones. The ones who have jobs or classes are understandable but when somebody is just sitting around or driving from one place to another those missed calls seem inexcusable. Trying to point as little fingers as possible the most common reason that these calls go unanswered is because wives and girlfriends have their phone buried in their Mary Poppins’ purse. Incredibly, no one has thought to try and come up with solutions for this problem. Phones, notably, HTC devices come with optional charms to try and draw attention to notifications but there are not very many products available that work outside of the purse.

Enter the Trellie, a metallic key chain that attaches to the outside of any woman’s purse and has two lights that illuminate and blink when ever the connected phone is receiving or has missed a call. This really does two things because, especially at night, the blinking will be a great visual alarm as well as something that lets the user dig into their bag and check their phone less. This secondary use really does free up social situations and keeps the user engaged in the people around them instead of constantly rummaging through their purses.

The device is supposed to be used as a fashionable accessory that clips onto a purse with its metallic shell. The two lights are hidden well but I have questions about how noticeable this light will be. Even though it is a good visual reminder I would have liked to have seen an included speaker to give an audio cue which would sound louder than that muffled phone. The size is also bigger than I would expect and I have questions about the practicality of a device so large. The device holds two AA batteries which makes up a majority of the bulk, and connects to any phone via bluetooth. I have not seen any tag-along app to manage the device, but I feel that one has to be in the works. Their KickStarter page brings a lot of attention to the fact that this device would make mothers more available and aware during emergency situations when immediate contact is needed. This is mind, I think that Trellie is a great KickStarter project that may actually help some lives. Even thought it is well on its way to completing its goal like most KickStarter projects it still needs the help of the internet to become a reality.

Joseph Bertolini
Joseph is an Mechanical Engineering student at The Ohio State University as well as an amateur photographer.
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    Too bulky, smart phones already have this capability without an external accessary. Not sure how many women with a $300 purse will want this thing hanging from their strap.