Kongregate launches “Kongregate Arcade” For Android

Kongregate launches “Kongregate Arcade” For Android

Jan 18, 2011

Who likes games?
“I do, I do!”

Who likes free games?
“I do, I do!”

Who wants 300 free games for their awesome Android device?
“Me, me!”

If you fit into the “I would like 300 free games” group, then stick around because it just happens to be your lucky day.

Kongregate (owned by GameStop), has become one of the Web’s leading browser-based game sites with more than 13 million monthly unique visitors and over 30,000 free games. Kongregate offers some of the best Flash and Unity 3D free games around and since a certain operating system we love supports Flash, it was only a matter of time. That’s right, Kongregate announced the release of their “Kongregate Arcade” app for Android.

Kongregate Arcade fully integrates with your Kongregate web account and brings with it the immense gaming and social content Kongregate users have come to enjoy. While the Android app is only launching with around 300 free games (did he just say “only”), Kongregate has every intention of adding more games each day. With Kongregate Arcade, Android users will get to enjoy:

  • Over 300 free games for your Android phone.
  • Share and review ratings, high scores and comments with others.
  • Collect exclusive, mobile-only badges on top games
  • Download Flash files for offline play
  • Receive 50 bonus points when you install the app today!

Kongregate Arcade is available for devices running Android 2.2 (Froyo) or higher, with Flash 10.1. (more reasons for Samsung customers to be enraged). 300+ free games for Android must have you pretty excited so I’ll leave you with some screenshots and links to the ensuing hours of gaming nirvana that awaits.

Kongregate Arcade was available in the Android Market but for unknown reasons has since been pulled. [Update: It’s back in the market, link below]

Download: Kongregate Arcade

Source: Kongregate via Android Central

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  • Yaakov Simon

    Android decided to remove this app from the Marketplace

  • It’s back in the Android Market now. It seems they patched things up with Google.