Releases Free “Festivals” App For Navigating Summer Music Festivals Releases Free “Festivals” App For Navigating Summer Music Festivals

Jul 14, 2011 has announced a new app for both iOS and Android, designed to help users interested in checking out music festivals this summer find the festivals that would interest them the most. The app, called “Festivals,” allows for all people who download it to look up information on various music festivals by searching artist, date, and location information. However, the app is at its most powerful when combined with a user account, as the app can use a user’s scrobbling activity with its recommendation technology in order to make recommendations about festivals to attend. The more music that is scrobbled, the better the recommendations become.

The app gives users compatibility scores for each show, recommends the lineup of artists that they should see, and offers the ability to look up information on each festival’s artists. As well, users can link their Twitter and Facebook accounts to see which festivals their friends are attending, and post to their feeds about the events they are attending. The app is sponsored by the US Air Force, and notes that international versions of the app should be coming out at some point in the future. Hopefully, the US Air Force does not sponsor these international versions as well, as it sounds kind of ominous. The US version of the app is available now as a free download.

Carter Dotson
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