This Means WAR!: Tips and Tricks (Part II)

This Means WAR!: Tips and Tricks (Part II)

Feb 1, 2016

You didn’t think we were done, did you? Here is part two of our Tips and Tricks for hit game This Means WAR!

Upgrade that storage: To get the all-important Command Center at tip top performance, one needs to ensure they have the right amount red mercury storage ready. To get that, one needs to keep an eye on mining red mercury, gaining supplies and storing them. Everything is interconnected, and there is an opportunity cost to most transactions, but red mercury and supplies are really important commodities almost everything else depends upon directly and/or indirectly.

Upgrade those troops: Don’t forget to get the troops souped up either. As soon as one is able, one should put up a research facility, and then use it it to craft more potent attack pieces.

Study the game tape: The game provides replays of recent multiplayer battles. These are great resources with regards to seeing how opponents strategize and otherwise take on opposing fortresses.

If losing a lot of defensive battles, see where the enemy is beating your defenses.

Research/Upgrade: don’t forget to upgrade troops and equipment. Making one’s pieces more potent is definitely worth the price. And definitely don’t forget to upgrade the Research Center itself.

Join the official forums: developer KABAM hosts a forum for players to meet and network. It is a veritable source of tips and pointers, and also gives the developer an avenue to collect bug reports and other forms of feedback.

The data here is hard to measure. Folks even run calculations to determine which permutations are best. It’s FANTASTIC resource for players of ALL levels.

If you’re gonna select a single tip, THIS is the one to pick!

When it’s all said and done, the best tip is to get out and play. Trust us…


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