Mecha Titans is Available Now on Google Play

Mecha Titans is Available Now on Google Play

Mar 19, 2015

Bulkypix it’s at it again, this time with new RPG game Mecha Titans.

Mecha Titans is a space adventure RPG featuring a tactical turn-based combat system and multiplayer connectivity. Set in a world where Humanity has disappeared, leaving only robots behind, players will start their journey by controlling three Mecha Titans unfairly imprisoned by the despotic and mighty “Corporation”. Only the Rebel Union is now fighting for liberty, and it can count on our players ever growing team of Mechas to help. 

With more than 50+ playable Mechas and loads of skills to discover and upgrade, one will have to build the strongest team of Mecha fighters ever known to Robot-kind. Defeating the numerous assailants will be the key to pave the way to freedom.

Mecha Titans features epic multiplayer tournaments allowing players to challenge each other and find out who has the powerful Mecha Titans. 

The game is free, with the option of in-app purchases.


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