Microids and Pendulo Studios Announce Upcoming Game Yesterday Origins

Microids and Pendulo Studios Announce Upcoming Game Yesterday Origins

May 23, 2015

Fans of point-and-click thriller Yesterday are in for a treat: Microids and Pendulo Studios are teaming up to develop a sequel named Yesterday Origins.

The new game will feature our protagonist John Yesterday, and will sport new graphics. Players won’t necessarily have to play the original adventure to enjoy the upcoming one.

“Yesterday Origins” is a new point & click adventure game in the highest tradition that echoes “Yesterday” released in 2012. It continues the adventures of the hero, John Yesterday, in the modern age simultaneously with the linked events of the Spanish Inquisition period.

The players will enjoy meeting again some of the first episode’s protagonists and elements. Nevertheless, it will also be possible to directly enter the universe created by Pendulo Studios with “Yesterday Origins” and without playing “Yesterday” before.

Pendulo Studios’ co-founder Felipe Gomez Pinilla is clearly amped and even a bit mysterious. “We are very excited to meet again with John Yesterday who has only delivered part of his secrets so far,” he says. “We still have several surprises in store for the fans…”

Microids VP Elliot Grassiano talks up the partnership. “For the past 30 years, Microïds has offered stories filled with poetic charm, thrills and plot twists through a long tradition of adventure games. Working along with one of the best studios in the past decade in this area, is particularly stimulating,” he says.

We had a chance to review the Android port of Yesterday, and liked it a great deal.

Yesterday Origins is due out in 2016; we’ll be waiting.


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