Music Artist Discovery App TuneGO Arrives on Android

Music Artist Discovery App TuneGO Arrives on Android

Feb 16, 2017

It’s a crowded music scene, and for folks with talent and a dream, it can be exceptionally hard to be discovered.

TuneGO, a service that allows for independent artists to reach and connect with fans and industry, in now looking to recreate the service on mobile devices with the launch of its Android application.

The app promises music industry access and the ability so share music and video in unlimited fashion. It also allows users to explore and discover trending music, and to discover and interact with folks on all sides of the music industry.

TuneGO chief John Kohl alks about giving artists an advantage. “TuneGO delivers tools to artists to help them advance their careers,” he says. “The path to success in the music industry is a long and winding road, but our platform offers an edge to artists to help them get discovered – both by fans as well as by the music industry as a whole.”

The app is free on the Play Store.

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