Namco Brings 4 Games To Nook Color’s App Store

Namco Brings 4 Games To Nook Color’s App Store

Apr 27, 2011

Barnes and Noble’s Android-powered Nook Color is becoming more than just an e-book reader. The tablet has gotten an official update to 1.2 of the Nook software, designed to enable a variety of new features, including an update to Froyo, Flash support, as well as an app store. This does not mean official Android Market access, but there are a variety of Nook-enabled apps and games that are being released for the tablet through their official store.

Namco is jumping to the forefront of the Nook game market, with 4 Android games being released for the Nook’s app store, designed to be played on the device. First up is Flight Control, Firemint’s popular path management game, developed by Namco for Android. Next, there’s Crush the Castle, the physics-based puzzler, based on the eponymous Flash game, that has you trying to topple castles and their inhabitants by launching objects using a trebuchet. Next, there’s More Brain Exercise, featuring the famed Dr. Kawashima, who has become the face of the brain training genre. This game contains a variety of tests and games that claim to work different regions of the brain. Finally, there’s Learn to Fly, which puts you in control of a penguin who someday hopes to fly, like a real bird!

It seems as if publishers and developers are attempting to draw attention to their games through releases for specific devices – look at this news of apps for the Nook Color, as well as all the various games releasing on the Xperia Play. Drawing attention to Android apps is tricky enough as it is, and it helps if developers have some kind of external draw to their apps, through some kind of device. This is at least what developers and publishers are starting to bank on, and hopefully it succeeds for those looking to make Android more of a viable platform to do business on with their games and apps.

Carter Dotson
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