Navigon Updates MobileNavigator to 3.6

Navigon Updates MobileNavigator to 3.6

May 13, 2011

Navigon have updated their MobileNavigator app for Android to version 3.6, bringing along a variety of improvements and new features. First up, and most notably, the app now supports tablets running Honeycomb. The app is now optimized for tablet screens’ higher resolutions. As well, the app supports a new feature called “Clever Parking.” As drivers come up upon their destination, an icon marked with a “P” will pop up, and the app will show nearby parking options, along with distance from the current location.

Also on the plate is a “Weather Live” feature, that shows real-time weather updates. This is designed to help drivers anticipate weather conditions at their destination. There’s also an option to see a 3-day weather forecast. A new Destination Information Screen is available to see a summary of information about their destination, including nearby gas stations, restaurants, hotels, shops, and more. This screen is customizable to only display certain information, as well. Route planning is now available, with the ability to enter up to 50 destinations for a route.

These new features aren’t just coming to the US version of MobileNavigator – a North American version covering both US and Canada is coming as well, though it is not available on the Android Market as of publication. This is in conjunction with the European and Australian versions available as well. The app comes with standard mapping features, NAVTEQ navigation features, an augmented reality feature called Reality Scanner that identifies points of interest through the phone’s camera and GPS. This is along with multiple orientation support, pedestrian navigation support, text-to-speech with multiple voices, lane and speed assistant features, and more. MobileNavigator is available now from the Android Market, for a sale price of approximately $39.95 for the US version. The 3.6 update is available as a free update for current owners of the app.

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