Newer Technology Power2U AC 20A Outlet Hardware Review

Newer Technology Power2U AC 20A Outlet Hardware Review

Apr 30, 2015

I have a problem.

Come to my house, and you can see the manifestation. It isn’t always my fault. Blame the device makers for sending devices to review. Or my need to tinker with retro devices (trying to get my T5 to tether to an M8 is a worthy endeavor); Probably has at least a little bit to do with the fact that full-powered devices give me a high. In any case, when it’s all said and done, one issue inevitably arises.

So many devices, so little time.

Yes, this is an issue that is self-inflicted, but can you blame me?

We generally don’t review stuff like the Power2U combo electrical receptacle, but the simple utility is intriguing, and well needed, at least in theory. Basically, is replaces a standard dual NEMA-1 receptacle with a version that includes 2 USB slots, such that one can double up on the units drawing power from the replaced outlet.

Now, installing it involves cracking out screwdrivers and such, removing the current receptacle and then wiring everything right, and patching it all up. It was fairly easy, and the included documentation is helpful. When it’s all done, it does fit well, and the white coloring was generic enough to make it look natural.


The big difference between it and other standard ones are the aforementioned USB slots; there are two, one on each side equidistant from the “real” power holes. Each one has a spring door, such that the USB ports are always covered and camouflaged when not in use. The spring back mechanism is not so hard that it damages one’s cable.

In the end, it’s just what the doctor ordered, perfect as the lead outlet at our de facto charging station, and eliminates the need for extension strips. I like the 2.1A output, and also like the advertised device protection and elimination of vampire draw. Yes, it is close to a permanent change, and some might be more comfortable calling in an electrician, but as far as upgrades go, it isn’t bad.

And think of all those happy devices…

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