OnLive is Dead, Long Live OnLive

OnLive is Dead, Long Live OnLive

Aug 20, 2012

On Friday August 17th, the future of OnLive was so murky, that even Schrodinger himself was confused as to what was going on. Reports had surfaced that OnLive was shutting down, or was staying open, and that the employees were fired, or were going to be rehired. Basically, it was one giant confusing mess. Here’s the seeming fallout:

OnLive as it stands will continue to exist. This includes both the gaming service and OnLive Desktop. There should be no service interruptions. However, the assets are being sold to a new investor that will take charge of the company, and all the employees have been laid off, and their stock devalued. However, some employees will be brought in to the new company, which will still be OnLive, either as re-hires or as consultants with potential for stock options.

It does seem that as OnLive transitions, product upgrades may be delayed or shuttered entirely. So for those waiting on the ability to run their own applications on OnLive Desktop‘s upcoming $9.99 per month plan, keep waiting.

Actually, there’s a good chance that no one at all is waiting, because part of the reason for OnLive’s financial troubles has been a lack of users, seemingly only 1600 regular users, with 8000 total servers available, which is not a combination for profitability.

OnLive is still running sales, their promotions to preorder new games, and giveaways such as Zeno Clash and SpaceChem in recent weeks, but as to how long they will keep going? Who knows. With competitor Gaikai having been bought out recently for a huge sum by Sony, it stands to reason that with OnLive’s technology already deployed at a consumer level, there could be brighter financial days ahead if the new ownership can right things. But what that will mean for those that have bought games on OnLive in the long term is still sketchy.

But for now, while there’s plenty of behind-the-scenes turmoil, there’s still games to be played and computers to be used through OnLive’s Android apps.

Carter Dotson
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