OnLive Desktop Makes the Jump to Android

OnLive Desktop Makes the Jump to Android

Mar 2, 2012

OnLive has brought their previously-iPad-only remote desktop service OnLive Desktop to Android. Similar to the iPad version, this lets Android tablets connect to a Windows-powered desktop replete with Microsoft Office application like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint available. As well, there’s the option to subscribe to OnLive Desktop Plus to gain access to a Flash-powered web browser. This works basically identical to the iPad version, with the difference being that it supports a 1280×720 widescreen resolution. Otherwise, it works similarly, with the same access to files when logged in from any other platform.

While having access to a Flash-based browser is less of a concern on Android where mobile Flash is still available, there are two potential applications. One, the browser streaming is fast enough watching Flash video – including free Hulu. They still haven’t caught on to OnLive Desktop. It also appears to be based in LA, based on the KABC logo that appears on Hulu videos. MLB.TV subscriber who’s not a fan of a team in the LA blackout area? Here’s a solution! Second, with mobile Flash development ended, this may be a superior long-term option for those users.

The widescreen resolution does help to make the keyboard a little bit more usable, but it’s still a lot better with an external keyboard. This may be better as a remote dekstop solution than the iPad, because of one great thing: mouse support. While hovering over items and right-clicking doesn’t entirely work perfectly just because of the fact that it is emulating touch, not operating as an actual mouse, but it still helps out greatly when trying to operate a desktop computer on a tablet. Grab a USB host cable, a travel-size mouse, and an external keyboard, and here’s a potential laptop replacement.

Otherwise, my 148Apps review covers all the ups and downs about the Plus service. Buying the service can still only be done via the website, and the Pro service that allows for user apps to be installed is still yet unavailable, and subscriptions must be signed up for through the website, not anywhere in the app at all. OnLive Desktop is now available from the Android Market.

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