OpenFeint Adds More Games

OpenFeint Adds More Games

Nov 11, 2010

Popular social gaming platform OpenFeint is quickly populating Android games and shows no sign of stopping. It was just over a month ago that OpenFeint came to us bearing gifts like “Fruit Ninja” and “MiniSquadron” and already they have amassed around 80 Android titles. You can now add another 12 to that list with the releases of:

  • Flick Kick Football (PikPok)
  • Happy Island (Sibblingz/CrowdStar)
  • Pocket Racing (Measured Software)
  • Dot 3(TM) (ustwo)
  • Chopper Control (The Game Boss)
  • Cows Don’t Fly (HyperBees)
  • Egggz (SmartPix Games)
  • Prism 3D(HyberBees)
  • JellyBalls (HyperBees)
  • Dynamo Kid (OrangePixel)
  • Abduction! (Psym Mobile)
  • Bonecruncher Soccer (Distinctive Developments)

OpenFeint is a great companion to any title, even existing titles have experienced the benefit of teaming up with this social gaming leader:

“We expected there to be some uptick in sales when we re-launched Speedx 3D with OpenFeint, but the end result was truly amazing. Following the update we recorded a 39% increase in Speedx 3D sales and a 9% increase in sales across other titles,” said Tom Mleko of HyperBees.

Those are pretty good percentages for a developer looking to breath some new life into a previous title. OpenFeint also announced that it will be releasing version 1.1 which will integrate Facebook Connect. This is great news for the Android gaming community, developers, and the OpenFeint platform. Growth continues in all directions and that makes me happy. Hey, they didn’t become the leading gaming social platform on iOS for no reason. Can’t wait to see what else they do for Android and its gaming community.

Source: Phandroid

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