Pocket God Comes To Android

Pocket God Comes To Android

Dec 5, 2010

The popular iOS game “Pocket God” is now available on Android courtesy of Bolt Creative and ngmoco. In this iOS best seller users get to “play God” to remote islanders also know as “Pygmies.” In the description for the game they ask “What kind of god would you be, benevolent or vengeful?” and while I’m glad they have included a nurturing aspect to the game, I’m starting to wonder if anyone actually uses it. Pocket God manages to summon the sadistic monster living within us. With countless ways to torture and kill these poor unsuspecting pygmies I have come to the conclusion that maybe there IS a God. The app itself is available in the Android Market for $.99 and comes with a hefty download size of around 18MB with no move-to-SD!?

This is both Bolt Creative’s and ngmoco’s first venture outside of the iOS platform and has proven to be both exciting and frustrating. Upon release, the Android Market became flooded with various bad reviews and complaints about the game not loading or working properly on certain devices. Of course this prompted an influx in “Android Fragmentation” articles but the truth of the matter is that the majority of the devices reporting these issues are either running a custom rom such as CyanogenMod or using legacy hardware. It’s too bad that developers have to endure the negative comments but the fact remains that innovation must move forward and people need to get over it. I would love to have my original Playstation play Playstation 3 games but it just isn’t going to happen.

Lucky for everyone the Android Market has a 24 hour return policy (for first time app purchase). If Pocket God looks like a game you’d like to try or have been waiting for then don’t let the “Fragmentation” hype hold you back. Go download it and if it fails to work properly or you don’t like it just get a refund and move on.

Download: Pocket God

Source: Android Central, MobileCrunch

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