PopCap Buyer Revealed: EA

PopCap Buyer Revealed: EA

Jul 13, 2011

The mysterious suitor for distributors of digital crack, PopCap, has finally been revealed, and it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, as it is EA that has bought PopCap. The price is both less and more than the rumored $1 billion figure, as the deal includes $650 million in cash, $100 million in stock, and bonuses that can be earned by PopCap based on their revenue, according to TechCrunch. EA buying PopCap makes sense, as both companies have a notable mobile presence, and EA has been seeking to expand their mobile presence in the past year, having purchased mobile developer Firemint and publisher Chillingo.

What this deal could mean to Android gamers is potentially more titles from the PopCap library beyond their current releases, as EA has shown a focus on releasing games on Android as well as iOS, though Android’s library of EA titles pales in comparison to their iOS releases. PopCap are showing some humor in the acquisition, having left this little Plants vs. Zombies-inspired note for their new overlords at EA:

With that out of the way, now PopCap can get on their way to consuming more and more brains with addictive games.

Source: TechCrunch, EA News

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