QWOP Hands-On Video: Android Rundown Video of the Day

QWOP Hands-On Video: Android Rundown Video of the Day

Oct 3, 2013

QWOP is not an easy game. Bennett Foddy’s Flash hit, brought to mobile in an incarnation that doesn’t try to emulate the QW/OP keyboard controls of the original.

After playing it, I kind of wish that it did.

Instead, the dual-joystick control scheme adds a totally new layer of challenge to this already-difficult game. You probably don’t remember trying to walk, but I imagine it was easier than it is for QWOP, the eponymous hero of the game, to do. Of course, the fun comes in at first at watching him flop around, laughing as he goes a few meters backward and falls down, before eventually relishing in the little successes.

In this video, in honor of the game’s recent inclusion in the Humble Mobile Bundle 2, I feebly try to get QWOP from point A to point B, flailing and failing along the way. Occasionally I make some forward progress and maybe have some interesting things to say about that, as part of our Video of the Day series!

Carter Dotson
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