RingLock Automatically Manages Android Volume Settings

RingLock Automatically Manages Android Volume Settings

Aug 24, 2011

Here’s a problem: when our phones are put on silent, what happens when we forget to put turn off silent mode? Email notifications go missed! Tweets, unread! Phone calls go to voicemail! The horror! But how am I to remember to set my phone back off of silent when I get out of a movie, or am done recording a podcast? I am a forgetful man! Thankfully, for people like myself, RingLock is here to help make my life just a little bit easier.

RingLock consists of two key components. First, there’s the widget that allows for volume and ringer control from the home screen. This allows for the volume on calls and texts to be locked to a specific volume, the phone’s sound mode to be changed, and for the app’s advanced modes to be activated. From the menu, users can set a particular sound mode to go in effect at a certain time. Event Timers mode allows for a specific sound mode to be set for a specific amount of time, great for when going to a movie or something similar. As well, there’s a VIP list setting where certain users can have specific sound settings. Want to make sure the calls and texts from a significant other come in at full maximum? It’s possible! Or perhaps it’d be better if they were never heard at all? That can be done as well! Schedules and Event Timers can be set to override VIP List settings for when the phone absolutely needs to be quiet.

Currently, RingLock’s specific volume settings only apply to calls and SMS messages; it does not appear to offer any kind of separate notification volume support. RingLock is available in two flavors: Pro, which is full-featured, and Lite, which only offers the volume control widget, but offers non-functional access to all of the Pro features. Those spoony bards! Both RingLock Lite and RingLock Pro are currently available from the Android Market.

Carter Dotson
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