Robot Invader announces Wind-up Knight 2

Robot Invader announces Wind-up Knight 2

Dec 12, 2013

While self-admittedly quiet as of late, the studio behind Rise of the Blobs and Wind-up Knight have been hard at work on a new game, Wind-up Knight 2. The follow up to one of the most popular mobile games of 2011 promises to be more than just new levels from the first game. As the developer states:

Fans have contacted us from around the globe (the US represents only 1/4th of our user base!) to ask for new levels and expansions. But we’ve done better than that: Wind-up Knight 2 is an entirely new game.

Robot Invader hasn’t released many more details, but promise more information is coming and that Wind-up Knight 2 should be arriving sometime in early 2014. They did manage to provide some screen shots to this upcoming title, however.

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