Sega Launches ChuChu Rocket on Android While Sonic Advance Races Off in Japan

Sega Launches ChuChu Rocket on Android While Sonic Advance Races Off in Japan

Nov 29, 2011

Sega is beginning to ramp up their Android gaming efforts, bringing some various titles to the platform, though not all are available yet for gamers outside of their native Japan.

First up is everyone’s favorite Dreamcast game, Chu Chu Rocket. The action-puzzle game that has players laying down tiles to get mice into their own rockets and cats into their opponents’ rockets has traveled to the Game Boy Advance, iOS, and now is here on Android, developed by Binary Hammer. They are the same studio that handled the very good iOS port. This version doesn’t have the online multiplayer that the iOS version supports, and there’s no single-device multiplayer for tablets, though the game does run well on them. Those concerned about apps with wild and random permissions will be glad to know that the app actually requires no permissions at all, though. The game is available now for $0.99. Consult 148Apps’ review of the iOS version if any more convincing is necessary.

This is Sega’s second release in the US, excluding Sonic CD which is currently only available on GameStop’s Android tablets. Over in Japan, Sega’s been making a huge Android push. Their latest release includes Sonic Advance, a port of 2002’s groundbreaking Sonic game; groundbreaking in that it was the first original Sonic title published on a Nintendo system. The elementary school Sega fanboy is still in denial. Sega of Japan recently released it exclusively for Japanese phones for free. This isn’t their only Japan-only release, as several other titles are available, including an Android betaversion of their iOS free to play MMORPG, Kingdom Conquest. The game has done well on the Top Grossing charts on iOS, and there’s no reason to think it wouldn’t do as well on US Android shores. Hopefully Sega releases some of these titles for US folk soon.

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