Shadowgun Deadzone Beta Releases for Tegra 3 Devices

Shadowgun Deadzone Beta Releases for Tegra 3 Devices

Oct 15, 2012

Madfinger’s long-awaited Shadowgun: Deadzone is…still not officially released but it is one step closer to release, as a public beta has been released. We mean this has been long-awaited: initially revealed earlier this year, it was apparently shown off briefly at Game Developers Conference in March (though at least one demo I tried to attend was delayed due to network issues), and now, seven months later, the public finally gets their hands on it. Of course, a little game called Dead Trigger may have been cause of some of the delays.

Anyway, not everyone can take part in this open beta, only those with Tegra 3 devices can, including Nexus 7 owners. Note that while the game has an account login at the beginning, this is not the same as the account for Dead Trigger, this is brand new.

There’s a standard free-for-all deathmatch mode with an objective-based mode thrown in as well. The game is planned to be free-to-play but at the moment features no currency buying and everything is unlocked, including a powerful rocket launcher with a name we won’t publish. Fun times! Otherwise, for fans of Shadowgun, this is the familiar gameplay with a new deathmatch twist, and the beta is available for free from Google Play.

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