Skyfire Wants to Bring Extensions to Mobile Browsers with Skyfire Horizon

Skyfire Wants to Bring Extensions to Mobile Browsers with Skyfire Horizon

Oct 11, 2012

Skyfire, most known for their browser that supports Flash video for iOS and Android, is launching Skyfire Horizon, a set of tools that are trying to bring extensions to mobile browsers. Extensions are a major part of the desktop browsing experience, but have not really appeared in a significant way on a mainstream browser (Firefox Mobile supports extensions, but that’s about it). However, with a swipe from the bottom of the screen, Skyfire Horizon will be able to call up extensions, such as being able to easily tweet about a page, find apps related to the webpage, or even find special offers relating to that page. Of course, the possibility for extensions is very wide, and there exists opportunities for developers who can take advantage of it as well.

Now, don’t expect to see Skyfire Horizon available under that name, as they’re planning on making it available to carriers to brand with their own services. If the major US carriers all adopt it, then it could prove to be something ubiquitious on Android without being a Google-deployed option, which could be a particularly juicy scenario.

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  • simonjester

    Dolphin Browser has had extensions (add-ons) for quite a while, actually. They’re one of the main reasons why Dolphin’s my ‘default’ browser.