Slices for Twitter Cuts Twitter Into Different Categories

Slices for Twitter Cuts Twitter Into Different Categories

Aug 3, 2012

OneLouder Apps, purveyors of a wide variety of Twitter apps, have launched their latest app for exploring Twitter from a new perspective: Slices. While it can serve as a traditional Twitter client, to view the main timeline, mentions, and direct messages, its real strength comes from its eponymous feature.

This app is designed to help filter down a user’s Twitter following into different categories called slices. These are based off of various topics like humor, sports, and television. On initial sign-in, Slices can discover selected users who belong to those varioius slices automatically. It’s also possible to manually add users to individual slices. Slices make it easy to just see the latest tweets on various topics, which is meant to be more intelligent than Twitter’s own list system, which has remained largely ignored by the platform since the feature’s launch.

Slices also links up data between different platforms (iOS, Android, and the web) with the same Twitter account, making it a seamless experience between platforms. Slices is free to try, iwht the option to pay to disable ads. Slices is available now from Google Play.

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