Syder Arcade 1.4 Update: What’s Old Becomes New Again

Syder Arcade 1.4 Update: What’s Old Becomes New Again

Jun 19, 2013

Studio Evil’s Syder Arcade side-scrolling shmup is gettting some new life with an update that brings two new features to the Android version of the game. They’re technically new because both were in the PC original, sort of.

First up, because any true arcade gamer needs good controls, the game now supports MOGA controls. Take down evil aliens with high precision with the high-quality MOGA controllers.

Of course, for those looking for some additional challenge, Studio Evil has added in a faster gameplay mode. See, the PC version of Syder Arcade runs at a faster speed, where the Android version is about 75% of the PC version. The challenges of touch controls necessitated this. So, now it’s possible to play the game at full speed, serving as a kind of ‘Turbo’ mode. Thankfully unlike the old Street Fighter 2 Turbo variations, this doesn’t require buying a whole new game, it’s part of this free update which is now available on Google Play. Haven’t played the game yet? Check out the newly-released demo!

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