Theme Thursday: Backyard for GO Launcher

Theme Thursday: Backyard for GO Launcher

Apr 5, 2012

For this Thursday’s Theme I chose a theme that really surprised me. Being a fan of simpler, less graphical themes I was skeptical about the stucco and exposed brick of GO Launcher’s Backyard theme, but I was quickly proven wrong. Like all of the themes that I have chosen to do recently, Backyard uses the method of applying an effect to every icon which gives the whole theme a strong, unified feel. Backyard does this in a brilliant way by means of the stock wallpaper, which I strongly recommend using. The wallpaper simulates a vine-kissed wall in a stone alley and the icons all have the effect of being stuck to broken sections of exposed brick. Other themes have tried similar effects, but I cannot recall one that pulled it off so perfectly. The only thing that could make this effect look any more genuine is if there were multiple brick graphics that would break up the repetition which would lend that extra touch of reality.

Regular users of GO Launcher would benefit from moving their icons off of the extra dock pages because the exposed brick effect unfortunately does not work well on the bottom of the wallpaper, as it is a brick street and not the blank wall. Seeing as icons look great on the main screen, this is more of an opportunity as opposed to a sacrifice. Included for the dock are a familiar minimalistic white semi-transparent icons for basic Android functions, such as the Dialer, Market, Settings, and Text Messages. The selection here isn’t great but chances are most users do not use their primary dock page to hold much more than the core applications.

I had a hard time breaking away from the darker, more simple theme I was using before Backyard but this one might finally make me change my mind. And as an added bonus, like most themes reviewed here, it’s free. So why not take a chance and add a little warm, homey magic into the traditionally cold and futuristic Android.

Joseph Bertolini
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