Theme Thursday: Cry Cloud

Theme Thursday: Cry Cloud

Mar 29, 2012

I am going to start this Theme Thursday blog post by pointing out the obvious, Cry Cloud, a theme for GO Launcher, has an egregious mistake right in the most important aspect of any theme: the wallpaper. In some strange error in translation the wallpaper reads, in a cute hand-written font, “without you everything look so sorrow.” Obviously, I get the message that the developer was trying to convey, but how was this not caught initially or even fixed by now from the plethora of comments on the theme’s Google Play (formerly the Google Market) page.

However, after taking a step back, this mistake is honestly not as big of an issue as it probably should be. The text is small enough that it is not very noticeable and it’s not like the average user takes the time to read the text on his or her screen after every unlocking. The playful font of the text adds a quaint, minimalistic design to the theme and the white rain cloud above it is a great touch. The whole theme screams of cute romanticized heartbreak, which appeals to a specific demographic, and yet the pastel color scheme is surprisingly relaxing and uplifting. Cry Cloud’s icons are very well done and are the typical fare of pencil sketched circular icons. The supplied icon set is not as populated as other themes yet this is acceptable because Cry Cloud takes advantage of integrating existing, unsupported applications’ icons. As I have stated before in many a Theme Thursday: continuity is very important in making any theme truly immersive, and Cry Cloud does that handily.

So, for anyone looking for a lighthearted but still minimalistic theme for GO Launcher I would definitely recommend giving Cry Cloud a shot, assuming the head scratching grammar gaffe isn’t a deal breaker.

Joseph Bertolini
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