Theme Thursday: Scratched for ADW

Theme Thursday: Scratched for ADW

Jun 14, 2012

After a long run of GO Launcher-related themes, this Thursday we will be looking at an ADW Launcher theme by popular theme designer ADDesignes. Scratched is the name of the theme, and like most themes, the name is very indicative of its style. Featuring three different wallpapers that incorporate a worn sheet metal design, “Scratched” is probably the most appropriate title for this theme.

As far as the actual design of the theme goes, there is really a lot to be desired. The icons are surrounded by a battered square backing which is actually very well done, with little bright areas of freshly chipped metal adding an impressive level of detail. The problem is that the app icons are only noted by a recessed etched out area that is very hard to see and makes it tough to quickly scan through a page of apps. The biggest problem is the dark and light hatching that is used for these icons, as the light hatch marks almost exactly match that of its backing. For those who are fans of the icons, however, there is a generous selection here, although I would have liked to have seen some of the more common features like Phone and SMS drop the square backing and stand out a bit more.

It is hard to decide weather or not I find this theme particularly attractive or not, seeing as the whole metallic idea is not usually my ideal as it tends to become too busy. The hard edges of the icons, in my opinion, make the screen look too cluttered, and my suggestion to those employing this theme is to try and limit the number of icons on one page to lessen the confusion. For anyone who does not immediately find this theme stunning, I would advise against it; especially with its $1.49 price tag.

Joseph Bertolini
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