Theme Thursday: Typo

Theme Thursday: Typo

Feb 23, 2012

Another week, another theme, and we have one last GO Launcher theme for a while; this week we’ve dug up a nice little theme called Typo White. While nothing crazy or outlandish, for those looking to give their phone a cool retro-pop-art look, this might do the trick. Typo replaces the stock system apps with amazing text-based icons that do a great job to incorporate the app they are representing. It is very easy to tell that the developer here went the extra mile to put that elusive polish onto a app that could have easily just been passed off as another tired theme. The major issue, however, is the lack of these icons, for a theme a big goal is to make everything uniform and a major way is by making as many theme icons as possible. While gorgeous, the selection of only stock Android apps does disappoint as it still makes non-standard apps look slightly out of place.

But looking past this, when everything is as planned, this theme is kind of curiously striking. I enjoy the almost retro look of the wallpaper and the total loss of 3-D effect is something novel and a great change of pace. The tiny text icons and the included wallpaper gives a nice retro look, although the bright, flat white background will take a toll on battery life. Fortunately, Typo also comes in a bold dark theme that plays just the same as the white but presumably is less of a burden on our already overtaxed batteries.

As in my last review for the GO Launcher theme Touch, Typo really benefits from a nice text widget to display the date and time due to its flat, 2-D nature. For the regret-free price of free, those sporting GO Launcher should at least take a cursory look into Typo White or Typo Black.

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