Toast Wood Cover

One of the cool aspects of the Android devices is the diversity of the ecosystem. When one puts it against the relative conformity of the biggest alternative, this really comes to bare. You can find an Android-powered device of just about any size, shape and price range.

Choice rules.

But even then, as Android reaches more hands, the bigger OEMs are grabbing bigger pieces of the pie. Fair, as the economies of scale allow them to make arguably the best devices for less. In any case, a slab is slab is slab, so how does one “make” a device that is unique.

That’s what Toast covers look to, by providing unique, exact real wood covers for devices.

The review package reflects the unit in it’s retail stylings, with the unit components and documentation.

The case cover comes in two pieces, one that covers the front frame and the other for the back. Together, the whole solution is pretty light and thin at first glance. The application of the pieces is intuitive: peel the backing off the back piece and front piece, line them up, and stick them on.


It does make for a pretty unique look without making the phone look emptily ostentatious. The cutouts are right were they are supposed to be, and the phone is completely functional with them on.

Now, this case isn’t made to protect against extreme drops or collisions; it does well to guard against usage nicks and the like, and even the bothersome scratches that might happen carrying a device in one’s pocket. If the goal is to go big on personalization, it does the deed quite well.

The ordering process is easy enough; head to Toast’s site, pick your device and select the options. We went through the process formally, and had our piece in under a week.

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