The Science of Voice Recognition: Video of the Day

The Science of Voice Recognition: Video of the Day

Oct 18, 2014

I believe in the concept of anchor apps: apps that make the prospect of switching platforms unpalatable. These apps are the apps mobile OS makers count on to help propagate their respective OSes. Get some good anchor apps to get new folks hooked on your ecosystem, and sky’s the limit.

In fact, I theorize that having a few mobile anchor apps like Maps, Gmail and Search is what gave fledgling Android OS a fighting chance while it gained users and the developers needed to create the vibrant app ecosystem needed to keep those users satisfied… and encourage friends and families to do the same.

On Android, I do have a few anchor apps. One that stands out is Google Now. The voice assistant is an excellence tool I rely on heavily (with the help of Tasker and associated plugins). I’d be loathe to do without the cards, information and tie-in with other Google services.

In the video below, we get see a Google-created documentary about the science behind voice technology.

[Source: Google Youtube via Engadget]

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