Wallpaper Wednesday – A StickMan, GIR and more…

Wallpaper Wednesday – A StickMan, GIR and more…

Feb 23, 2011

Who doesn’t love a good wallpaper? They’re one of the first things we customize on our mobile devices. Some people pick one and stick with it, others change them like they’re TV channels. Wallpapers are as unique as the individuals who use them. They represent our moods, thoughts, ideals, and just plain insanity. I mean if it weren’t for wallpapers, app markets wouldn’t have the ludicrous numbers they so proudly boast.

Welcome back to Wallpaper Wednesday. After the Valentines Edition we took a week off but we’re back and ready to give you some new wallpapers. We have a stickman, a jumpgate, and a popular little character named GIR. We also have the usual randomness and set of instructions for getting these sweet wallpapers to work on your device. Check them out and be sure to leave any feedback along with any suggestions for future wallpapers to showcase. Enjoy!

Your weekly Live Wallpaper Announcement

Remember, live wallpapers can only be used with supported devices running Android 2.1+. I see a lot of people downrating live wallpapers in the Android Market because “it won’t open,” or “I can’t find it.” Live wallpapers aren’t like regular apps, they won’t show up in your app tray and they don’t “open.” You can access your wallpapers a couple of different ways:

  • Long press screen>Wallpapers>Live wallpapers
  • Press your device’s menu button>Wallpaper>Live Wallpaper

Please make sure your phone supports live wallpapers and you are familiar with how to use them before giving developers a bad rating. It really isn’t fair to them. Now let’s check out those wallpapers!

Live Wallpapers

[Disclaimer: Live Wallpapers may cause excessive battery drain and/or lag issues and only work with supported devices running Android 2.1 or higher.]

StickMan LiveWallpaper – Who doesn’t love a stick man? It’s really about the only thing I could ever draw. This live wallpaper by uistore.net by Fieldsystem (they need a new name) traps Mr. Stick Man inside of your screen allowing you to observe his everyday activities (some which seem a tad questionable). Unfortunately the free version of this live wallpaper only has a 2-day trial period and lacks most options, which is semi-typical of free live wallpapers. If you’ve always wanted a pet stick man to observe and poke, then this live wallpaper is for you. Check out the free trial and then plop down the $1.90 (approx.) for the full version with all the bells and whistles.

Download: StickMan LiveWallpaper

Direct Android Market Web Link: StickMan LiveWallpaper

Galaxy Core 3D LiveWallpaper – I have to admit, I thought I got hosed when I downloaded this one. This live wallpaper by A.O.I Studio features stunning rotating spiral galaxies but when you first load the wallpaper, it defaults to the exact same spinning galaxy that comes stock with Android 2.1. I thought “man, all they did was rip off the stock galaxy live wallpaper and put their name on it!” It wasn’t until after I decided to hit “Settings” that I realized the “Galactic Core” was just one of many choices <-insert facepalm. If you enjoy spinning Nebulas, Galactic Cores and Galaxies then this wallpaper will not disappoint. Download: Galaxy Core 3D LiveWallpaper

Direct Android Market Web Link: Galaxy Core 3D LiveWallpaper

Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper – Jumpgate comes to us by the unofficial live wallpaper king Kittehface Software. This one features our beloved Android strapped to a jet pack and on a mission to spread openness and fragmentation throughout the universe. Double tap him for a friendly wave or watch him show off as he does a barrel roll at hyperspeed while avoiding asteroids. The free version is limited so if you wish to have more options then go ahead and help support the developer by purchasing the full version ($0.99).

Download: Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper

Direct Android Market Web Link: Jumpgate Free Live Wallpaper


[Note: In order to save wallpapers you have to open them in a new tab or window — Pics must be resized to fit your device]

Now for those good old fashioned static wallpapers we all love and enjoy. This week we have a few featuring the zany character GIR from the animated television series Invader Zim along with our usual Random showcase.



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