WiShare Wants to Make Sharing Wifi Connections Easy

WiShare Wants to Make Sharing Wifi Connections Easy

Sep 21, 2012

WiShare is an app that’s designed to try and make it easier for travelers to find wifi from trusted sources, what the developers call a wifi cooperative. USers sign up to the app, register their home wifi, and can share access to this wifi hotspot to members of their contact list. Those others can share access to it to their other users. So, someone using WiShare who is traveling and needs a wifi connection can pull up the app, find hotspots available to them from the service, and use them to get online when needed. It’s a co-operative because everyone who uses and shares with the app has access to the hotspots of others. This can be handy while traveling, or while working out and about, as public wifi is often unreliable and mobile data is often expensive!

While WiShare currently appears to have a small following based on its initial download numbers on Google Play, it does have the potential to be an extremely useful tool. The app is free to download, but requires subscriptions for long-term use, though a free 90-day trial is included.

Carter Dotson
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    Finally someone thought of this! Jeez, wishare where have you been all my life?