Have You Tried Any of Gamevil’s 3 New Releases?

Have You Tried Any of Gamevil’s 3 New Releases?

Dec 30, 2010

Last week, premier mobile game publisher Gamevil released three new games into the Android Market. You may remember Gamevil from our Soccer Superstars review or any of their other hit games such as Baseball Superstars 2010 or Zenonia. Anime/RPG style gaming seems to permeate through Gamevil’s titles and it’s safe to say that it’s their forte. Gamevil titles are also very feature rich and run extremely smooth (In my experience). I have yet to try any of the new titles but wanted to make sure everyone was at least aware of their availability. Below you will find the titles, a brief description, and any necessary links. I know the holidays can be extremely busy times so if you missed it, here they are:

Zenonia 2

Update 1/4/11: Zenonia 2 free trial now available!

The much anticipated sequel to one of Gamevil’s top titles is finally here. The Zenonia series has been a leading classic RPG in all major app stores and continues its success with Zenonia 2. Enjoy 152 different maps and 98 quests featuring four distinctive classes with over a million customizations. Experience amazing skill effects and a visually impressive touch UI. Zenonia 2 offers three different play modes and a “hacker free” PVP arena.

Download: Zenonia 2

Baseball Superstars 2011

The next installment in the Baseball Superstars franchise promises enhanced visuals and animations, new features and six different play modes. Customize players and stadiums, hire superplayers as a coach and send players to friends in this full featured baseball experience.

Download: Baseball Superstars 2011


In what was Gamevil’s first ever acquisition of an outside development talent (RYUminus), comes Gamevil’s first rhythm action game. Featuring high quality sound and graphics and almost 100 audio samples, complete the music by choosing from combinations of piano, drums, guitar and more. Watch your fingers fly in this sound pumping polyphonic rhythm game.

Download: TouchMix

Source: Gamevil

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