Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Hardware Review

Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Hardware Review

Nov 14, 2014

I really, really wanna get down to the nitty-gritty with this one: what’s up with the Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Earpiece?

Yes… it’s sleek, as the retail unit Jabra sent us shows: different shades of grey with orange accents, gently-sized at 2.57 x 0.61 x 0.95 inches and 0.28 ounces. Coverable micro-USB port, bluetooth 4.0, NFC and A2DP support, plus retail packaging that also contains micro-USB, earhooks and eargels. There is a dedicated button for Google Now, as well as an answer/redial button incorporated towards the rear and LED. Pairing it with a device is easy and intuitive after the requisite pre-charge.

It looks sleek, and has a smaller profile than the Jabra Style, which we looked at a short while back.

I try not to exaggerate, but fitting the device in my ear allowed me to completely understand Tim Curry’s obnoxious Psych character Nigel St Nigel when he stated, “I feel like an angel baby swaddled in a cocoon of cloud candy.

Yes, this unit feels that good in ear.


The construction of the ear gel allows for the already lightweight piece to feel, dare I say, natural. To be clear, this is easily the most comfortable unit I have ever tried. I’m one of those old school guys that strenuously avoids using bluetooth earpieces anywhere outside of the house or when driving, but the Stealth had me breaking my own cardinal rule, as I forgot it was on.


When you think about it, this shouldn’t surprise me; I always buy Jabra ear gels to use even with bluetooth earpieces from other manufacturers, so seeing Jabra seemingly perfect the delicate balance between structured fit and comfort should be somewhat expected. It works well in either ear, and I’m able to slip it on with one hand quite easily.

The ear gel also funnels noise beautifully. Noise cancellation tends to be a catchphrase nowadays, but with this unit, it does well, even when used in noisy environments (like soccer fields and restaurants). Calls and music sound rich, and callers actually noted the clarity on their ends.

The companion Jabra Assist app allows for unit geo-tagging, battery monitoring and onboard tutorials.

The ear gel, as it is, is also the center of my biggest gripe. It doesn’t adhere to the main body as well as I would like. Thus, my beloved ear gel does pop off in my pocket and even in my coaching bag. For this reason, I would have to use it with a dedicated pouch, but I might be a bit more persnickety than most. The Google Now button didn’t work the way I had hoped either.

Frankly, that specific drawback would not prevent me from enjoying the $99.99 Jabra Stealth (via Jabra), and I do suspect it has ruined me for other units. Just as well though; it’s all about having my ear feel like an angel baby.

Jabra Stealth Bluetooth Hardware Review Rundown

Build Quality - lightweight, but feels solidly constructed. Exceptionally comfortable.
Functionality - Works well to stream audio, and has great standby time. The "microPOWER" technology actually seems to work.
Android Compatibility - Works well with every Android unit tested with; can be linked to more than one. App provides even more utility.
Value - Comfort quotient definitely makes price feel palatable.
Overall - A fine accessory that makes earpiece use enjoyable.
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